I'm a graphic designer and photographer based in Longmont, Colorado. I've been an artist all my life and come from a family of artists, I guess it would be hard not to take on those traits when they run on both sides of the family. At a young age I was always visual and intrigued by how magazines were created, and addicted to MTV. I wanted to make videos and loved music, but I was only eight. I kept following my passions and continue to do so, it's what I know and love. 

Ever since I can remember my mother used to drag me to fabric stores which used to feel like hours, taking me on new housing development tours, and constantly doing DIY home improvements.  I do watch HGTV in my very spare time, and love to work on home projects, along with restoring old furniture. My weekends are usually spent checking out thrift stores and curb alerts for those hidden gems.
If you are interested in any of my prints, in search of a photographer, or in need of a graphic designer please feel free to contact me at: corbett.melissa@gmail.com.
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